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About the founders

Escaping from her communist persecutors in 1982, Negest fled by foot with her three small children. Her first husband was caught, dying for being a Navy Officer.  In her desperate flight to freedom, hunger, cold and hardship took her youngest.  But after many months, she stumbled into a refugee camp, persevering the unborn son in her womb!

Miraculously, Negest immigrated to America, where she provided for herself, successfully raising her children, and then marrying Shoan in 2000.  From 17 years of age, Shoan was a powerful evangelist for Christ in the Horn of Africa area.  Born in Addis Ababa, obtaining advanced theological degrees in the USA, he ministered to various tribal groups in their own languages, on the radio, and in conferences, while developing many disciples for Jesus!  

Sacrificially using their own funds, they founded HFHOA in 2004 as a vehicle to equip and encourage the church, and make a positive impact for Jesus Christ during this time of intense challenges.  Negest chooses to return to her family‚Äôs home city, to rescue orphans and widows.

At the height of his powers, our brother Shoan suffered a stroke, and has now graduated to be with the LORD.  However, as you search this site, you can see that this legacy is still active, and we invite you to team up with Negest, and us as we minister in this vital region!

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